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Historical Home Restoration Haddonfield New Jersey

Photo provided by E.Scott Cooley

We recently started the restoration of this 1890's Haddonfield New Jersey home located at the corner of West End Avenue and Euclid Avenue. We've removed the aluminum siding to reveal hidden details. Our carpenter will resurrect these concealed architectural features to their former beauty. Our team will restore the slate roof including replacing the pole gutter flashings, valley flashings, ridge flashings, and chimney flashings. Copper Standing Seamed Roofs will replace the slate shingles on the dormer roofs. Custom Copper Standing Seamed Roofs will be installed to the two bay roofs.  Follow along with us as we restore this home to it's former glory. 

The Siding Was Hiding The Beauty With-In

The First Phase Of Work Was Re-Building The Chimney  

The stucco hid the failed brick tuck-pointing and spalled bricks. The cracked chimney crown allowed water to drain into the chimney causing internal damage. The chimney was structurally unstable. We re-built the chimney from the roof-line up to the chimney crown.​

​Removing The Siding Reveals Craftsmanship From a Bygone Era

Corbels, wainscoting panels and shiplap siding are revealed. The wainscoting panels extend up to fourteen feet in length and were made from one board.

Replacing The Pole Gutter Flashings

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Location (Map)

48 West End Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033, USA
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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

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  • A Company That You Can Trust
    Excel Roofing and Siding replaced my roof and I was completely satisfied with their work. Kevin Creighton was very professional and made certain that everything was done on time and with-in the budget.
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  • Excel Roofing and Siding restored our entire slate roof
    They replaced the valleys, copper dormers and copper gutters. The quality and price were unbelievable. Excel Roofing and Siding is the finest roofing company in the Philadelphia area
    Jacob-Elkins Park Pa
    October 22,2012